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Make a donation today and help RaY provide resources to Winnipeg's street youth. 

Finding affordable and suitable shelter is one of the biggest barriers youth face in finding a way back from street-life.  Currently, Winnipeg is experiencing a housing crisis, with a vacancy rate sitting below 1%. Youth with limited income and/or no rental history have little to no chance of finding a safe and suitable apartment.

RaY's housing department supports youth in accessing suitable and affordable housing and related resources.  The mandate is to meet youth needs with regards to emergency shelter, housing and independent living through the provision of information and options.

RaY advocates on behalf of youth on all issues related to landlord/tenant disputes, adequate shelter, rent and utilities while offering counseling on tenant rights and responsibilities.  If needed, RaY provides additional supports that encourage successful long-term tenancy.  RaY's Homeless Outreach Mentor can engage with homeless youth in a more intensive way by helping them connect with the required income, housing, health and social supports to assist them in moving from the streets or emergency shelter to transitional or permanent housing.

Additionally, RaY researches affordable, available, youth friendly housing and updates the Winnipeg Rental Network website regularly.  RaY's original "low-fi" housing list was an extremely successful model that has been accessed over the past number of years by a multitude of agencies and government systems throughout the city.  The model was so successful that its concept was adopted by the Winnipeg Rental Network and expanded to include additional information for both landlords and tenants.   To access the website, click here.  If you have difficulty navigating the website, or if you have any questions with regards to the housing department, please contact Kerri Scott, Housing Coordinator.


Winnipeg Rental Network

Residential Tenancies Branch


Housing Assistance Application

Due to the low vacancy rate in Winnipeg and specifically for RaY participants and those accessing low income housing, housing staff can no longer accommodate the volume of phone calls and walk-in appointments from community services workers and their participants. Therefore, to work more effectively with community, RaY housing services is introducing a referral form.  If you have a participant who may be interested in accessing housing services from RaY, please fill out the referral form by clicking this link. An appointment to meet with a housing staff will be scheduled based on housing and staff availability. Effective immediately, no walk in referrals will be accepted. Appointments will not be scheduled until a referral form has been received and processed.  Thank-you for your consideration.

How to Search for Housing:

Source of Income:
You must have a source of income before beginning to look for a place. If you are unemployed or unable to work, please call Employment and Income Assistance for help: 204-948-4000. 

If you currently do not have a source of income and/or do not have a place to stay (your own place or a friend or family’s place) you can stay at a shelter.  The following organizations may be able to help you:

Salvation Army Booth Centre
180 Henry Ave
Beds for males both on Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) and those with no source of income. Beds for women on EIA.

Siloam Mission
300 Princess St.
Beds for men and women at no charge.

Sunrise Village 
Accommodations for families and expectant mothers.

Private Market
Once you have a source of income, you can begin searching for your own place.  Before you move in, you will have to pay one month’s rent plus a security deposit (half a full month’s rent). If you are working, be sure that you will be able to pay this money before you start searching. If you are on EIA, remember that if your rent is above the EIA Rental Guidelines, you are responsible to pay the difference. 

Websites that can help you in finding a place:

If you have rental references, try searching in the “Apartments/Condos” section. If you do not have rental history or poor rental history, try looking in the “Room Rental, Roommates” section.

The listings on this site are most useful if your housing budget is over $400.

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